Last year Microsoft launched their new operating system Windows 10, Today we will take you thought 5 reasons to upgrade to windows 10 today.

1) Windows 10 is Incredibly Fast

If you never made the jump to windows 8 or 8.1, well you missed out on one of the biggest things to hit the operating system and you’ll be in for a treat if you upgrade to windows 10. And that’s compared to a fast booting operating system. Compared with Windows 7, the newer Microsoft operating system leave the older one at the gates. You will also get another speed boost that is mostly aimed at gamers and it the fact that will come from DirectX 12, which is the new 3D engine that allows game developers to get closer to the metal for a new level of immersive performance.

2) Introducing the Intuitive Start Menu, Optimised for Touch and a Mouse

The loud voices in the tech community have repeatedly whined for the return of the start menu which was replaced in windows 8 by the start screen. Anyway, Microsoft has heeded the cries for its return, but given it a tile-based appendage, so as not to lose the live tiles and so that the operating system is still touch friendly.

3) Improved Security and Automatic Updates

Windows 10 also takes some features from the former windows 8 which is the Secure Boot feature and makes it even more secure. This requires any code that runs right when the operating system starts be signed by Microsoft or the hardware maker. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 computers can be set up so that this feature may not be bypassed. Three new security feature for Windows 10 are Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello.

4) All New Action Centre – Get The Right Information Right Where You Need It

Your smartphone will show you notifications from messages and missed calls, so why shouldn’t your computer do the same? Well with Windows 10 it does. Well this new action centre will show you messages from email different parts of the system (Updates) and from different apps. You may see weather warning updates from your location, or a birthday reminder that you have added to your calendar.

5) The All new feature Virtual Desktops – Helping improve your productivity

Windows 10 will finally be bringing the capability of virtual desktops to windows 10 operating system. In Windows 10, this new feature is incredibly easy to use: You simply click on the task-switching icon next to the Cortana search box in the task bar and at the bottom of that screen you will see the different desktops and be able to switch between them.

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