Are you ready to protect your business from the threat of cyber crime?

Security against cyber criminals is now essential for any modern day business, especially when using the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 offers exceptional security and, with the help of Hixon Group, making sure that you’re fully monitored to protect all levels of your data is covered.

Keeping that data secure is pivotal to your company’s success so take a look at our rundown of the basic of offline and cloud security.

Detection is better than cure

Malware and digital hackers are getting smarter and, with millions of emails being sent daily, it’s easy for something to slip through the net. Microsoft check all email attachments and URL’s outside of their environment, giving you peace of mind against those accidental clicks and the newest cyber attacks.

Keeping your eyes open

Microsoft know the power of detecting an anomaly as quickly as possible and lets you do some of the tracking and monitoring, making you aware of your own risks. With reporting available on every user, you can keep track of your team, identify any violations and even suspend users accounts if necessary.

An extra layer to your sign-in information

The only way for someone to steal your data is to gain access to it. Make that harder by adding extra layers to the access points of your accounts or devices. This can include a thumbprint or even a confirmation phone call.

Protection from anywhere

Technological advances like virtualisations is there to be taken advantage of, making sure you’re devices are protected against malware when you’re away from your business. Remotely locking devices or removing data from those not in use removes the chances of that data being compromised, and keeping it in the cloud means it’s still accessible as soon as you need it again.


Rights management tools across your team and encryption will keep your important documents safe for only those who need to see them. It also won’t interfere with usability, keeping you and your business working fast and efficiently.

Make sure you’re up to date

An IT company who will help keep you up to date with the latest software is something to invest in, especially if thinking of using Microsoft Office 365. Even the smallest software updates can help to fix small vulnerabilities and enable every latest enhancement to keep you out of the hands of cyber criminals.

Cyber crime and security is a huge and constantly evolving world that may seem confusing. That’s why it’s important to choose your provider confidently, knowing that they can take the stress out of it for you.

Here is a quick cheat sheet of things to consider when choosing your cloud provider:

Reputation – A great price isn’t everything so make sure to check out product reviews and provider recommendations, how they will meet your needs and if they are able to grow with you as your business progresses. Hixon Group can advise on all business sizes, and still not break the bank.

Solid Service Agreements – Vague is not good enough when it comes to how your data is going to be managed. Hixon Group knows that a solid service level agreement and transparency is key.

Non-HTTPS Sites – HTTPS is important for encryption and keeping your information away from the prying eyes of the cyber criminal. Without HTTPS, hackers can find your login details and much more.