There are still many businesses, who run Windows Server 2003 in production today and many will continue to do so until end-of life of Windows Server 2003 or close to that date for various reasons. While this date is still one year away, current systems should at least be checked to insure things are running properly.

The world has changed dramatically since the launch of Server 2003 and these advances in technology can really help to reduce costs.

Today’s business environments are very different to those of 10 years ago. Windows Server 2003 has been a trusted friend for over a decade. There are better ways to deliver against today’s business expectations and technical possibilities. It’s time to upgrade to a modern platform, taking advantage of virtualisation and access to the cloud for scale, agility and performance.

If you’re wondering what this means for you, it comes down to this – there will be no patches or security updates, putting your applications and business at risk. New threats won’t be addressed and your WS2003 systems will become a security risk and compliance nightmare. In a recent blog post, Microsoft warns us to “ watch out for performance bottlenecks,” but that’s the least of the server support worry.

How will the end of support for Windows Server 2003 affect your business? Have you already completed the upgrade process, or are you just getting started? Will you move some of your workload to the cloud? Talk to us today about supporting your business through the upgrade process.