Windows 10 officially turned one year old last month and what better way to celebrate a technological anniversary than with an update.

The update has already started rolling out over both PCs and mobiles so here is what to expect. If you’re already fully up to date then there may also be a few tips on how to get the most productivity and personalisation out of your user experience.

Edge Browser

There have been lots of welcome improvements to the edge browser. The most exciting being the introduction of extensions. Microsoft have promised more in the coming months but some such as Evernote and the Pinterest Pin It button are available to you right now.

You can also save time with improved organisation of bookmarks. A drag and drop feature straight your cloud storage and quicker ‘paste and go’ into the address bar. Microsoft have even introduced a handy in-progress download reminder.

It’s also taken a page out of Chromes book and learnt to ‘auto-pause’ flash ads and other battery life drains, meaning you, and your devices, can work for longer.

Additional Line of Defense

In days gone by, installing third party antivirus software would automatically disable Windows Defender. Well not anymore.

Thinks to Limited Periodic Scanning, Windows Defender can now be your back up line of defense should you need it. It can now run along side your antivirus software of choice and give you great protection against advanced malicious attacks.

Windows Ink

The Windows store have created a handy section for all ink enabled apps, helping you to get the most out of ink and the apps it can work with.

Screen Sketch can be particularly useful, especially during meetings or team projects, enabling you to annotated a screenshot and then share with others or online.

Microsoft are aiming for a more ‘pen-centric’ experience, making your work as stylus and pen friendly as possible.

No More Updating

Updates always feel like they come at the most inconvenient time – just as you enter a meeting or have important emails to answer.

Windows now have a solution for this with the introduction of new ‘active hours’.

This can be set for up to 12 hours during the time you are most active. Your computer will never restart to update during these hours.

Increased Personalisation

Windows 10 is growing up, enabling you to change from the constant baby white theme of the last year to new darker themes to suit your mood and personality.

The action centre will now also group your notifications together by app rather than chronologically. Even enabling you to set priorities as to what app is more important. You’ll never miss a thing.

The tool bar has also been overhauled to look ‘funkier’ and you can even pin open apps to your desktop so that what you use most is front and centre when you need it.

Oh, and don’t forget the new emojis.


If you’re not already updated then you can do so through settings – update and security or speak to Hixon Group who can talk you through the process.