Free Backup Guide – What is a Backup?

A backup is a second copy (Compressed Duplicate) of all your important files — for example, your family photos, home videos, documents and emails.

Instead of storing it all in one place (like your computer, phone, tablet or laptop), you keep another copy of everything somewhere safe. We provide a free guide for visitors showing you how to achieve this below.


Why do I need to backup my data?

Losing your important documents is way more common than you’d think.

Ever lost your laptop phone, camera or tablet? Your business data and important family photos could have been saved with a simple backup.

One small accident or failure could destroy all the important stuff you care about! This is easily avoided using a simple backup solution.


Lets get your PC backed up!

Most people backup their files in one of two ways: to an external drive, or somewhere on the Internet.

It’s really easy, and you only need to set it up once!


Backing up Online – Public Cloud (Low Cost)

A simple way to start saving your files to the internet is by using OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive to backup the most important things you’re working on right now.

These “online drives” don’t have too much space, and only backup one folder on your computer. However, this is great for students and businesspeople who need to keep their most important documents safe.


Backing up your whole computer – Private Cloud (Still Low Cost)

If you’d rather back up absolutely EVERYTHING (good on you!) – We can help you choose the service that’s right for you.

We offer a number of encrypted private cloud managed backup services for Computers, Laptops and Servers contact us today to discuss your needs.


Backup to USB – Download Our FREE Simple Backup Guide!

Includes Detailed Instructions for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Apple Mac! No Email Subscription Required

Free Backup Guide