Laptops with touch screen are becoming very common. These laptops will let you type using a normal keyboard or use the on-screen keyboard.

If you find yourself using the touch screen more than a keyboard then you should consider enabling Microsoft Touch mode this will make it so that you can use your Office 365 programs much more easy. If you choose to do this it will make the Office tab buttons bigger this is the top menu that you can see if you are in any Office 365 programs and this view will increase the size of this menu at the top of the page and will then be easier to use as you can click on something with out accidentally clicking the wrong thing that you wanted.

Touch screen / mouse mode

How to activate the Touch screen mode if you can’t see it:

Step 1) First you are going to want to look at the top left of the Microsoft Office 365 program window and you will see a drop down menu.

Step 2) This will allow you activate lots of things but we are just looking at the one that says Touch/Mouse Mode.

Step 3) Once this has been activated then you will see it at the top left of the window next to the drop down menu.

Step 4) Clicking this drop down menu will give you two options and they are “Mouse” and “Touch” you can simply just switch between them.

Now you will be able to switch between using a keyboard and mouse and using touch and a on-screen keyboard, you should go and try this out for self and then leave a comment letting us know how you get on.

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