It is easy to add bullet points to a word document. But do you know how to set custom images as bullet points?

Bullet points can make your Office 365 experience limited to say the least, but now you can set images to bullet points it can make the viewing experience loads better.

How to add custom images to bullet points:

Step 1) To start you will need to click on the drop down menu (this can be found at the top left of the paragraph section in the home tab).Define new Bullet Points

Step 2) Now that you see the menu you can now click the “Define New Bullet…”

Step 3) You should now be faced with a pop out and here you will need to click the picture button.

Step 4) You will now be greeted with two options that are “from a file” and go to step 5 or “Bing internet search” and go to step 6

Step 5) This means that you have a image that you want to use already, you will need to locate that image. Go to step 8This is the new bullet points that has been added

Step 6) This means you don’t have a image and want to search for one.

Step 7) By default you will be shown sketches or drawings, you can change this by clicking on the “show all web results” that will allow you to see all images.

Step 8) Simply select the image that you want to use and click the insert and then the OK.

Step 9) Look back in the drop down menu and your new bullet point should be there.

Now it’s your turn to go and try a new type of bullet point.