Its a big ask and for for smaller brands looking to raise brand or service/product awareness its massively important. It’s all about word of mouth and maximising the share-ability of your content. In short get people talking about your content with friends, family and colleagues.

We are going to look at different ways that we can increase the share-ability of the content we write and share with others online everyday.

Value Exchange

Understanding what your online audience values is important rather than just assuming they have a fascination in your brand constantly talking about itself.

For example: We provide SEO and Social Media Solutions, however constantly tweeting and FB sharing about how good we are at it is of no value to others.

However if we produce useful articles aimed towards others with less experience than ourselves (knowledge is value) hopefully visitors to our website will realise this value and share it with others as they find it useful.


Disruptive Headlines

We stop to notice ideas and concepts that challenge our understanding of the way things work. Don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten path and stand out with ideas that make visitors question what they believe.


Be Passionate

So many of our daily decisions are based upon emotional drivers, not the latest features or and benefits of the latest gadget. Be passionate about what you publish. Great articles are not just dramatic they are emotional. Remember to put your heart and soul in everything you do.


Social Proof

When we see others doing something we are often more likely to make the same choice ourselves. Try walking into a lift and standing with your back to the door, Watch others around you face the same way as they are led to believe subconsciously that this is the norm.


Encourage Participation

Encourage others around you to participate in what you are discussing even if it goes against what you are saying, once others have published their words and thoughts they are more likely to share with others to get their views and thoughts on a subject publicly known.

Common Commenting Tools: Comment LUV, DISQUS, FACEBOOK, WORDPRESS & Many More.


Make it Simple !

Make the process of sharing simple. If you do people are more likely to do so. Ensure you have clear sharing buttons that require minimal interaction to do so.


Keep it Fresh

People want the latest news not regurgitated information that’s been rewritten in a different way. Communication is key and discussion forms a big part of this.


Start a Conversation