A new work space created to enable easier collaboration for business teams is yours from November 2nd 2016 with Microsoft Office 365 – a place for meetings of the minds. As of last month, if you are an Office 365 commercial customer with an enterprise or business plan you can get to grips with the full version of the new ‘Team’ function before it goes live to general users in 2017. From a brief check in, ad hoc update, or full brainstorming session as it comes to you. Microsoft Teams is in the background waiting to help you collaborate with every member of your team.

Achieve more

Microsoft Teams will be coming to you and your workforce through the work space of Office 365. That means that Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint will already be at your disposable. As well as OneNote and Planner. By bringing together this space for your team to work and brainstorm you can forget about booking a meeting room. Microsoft want to make sure that they’re at the forefront of advancement in how teams get work done. Now that even includes not needing to be in the same room. With the Microsoft Teams constant thread of communication, all team members can share their ideas and updates when they happen. Getting instant feedback at the right moment. With one chat box, everyone can stay up to date, including through voice chat or the deeply integrated Skype video chat. There is even the option for private chats so the whole team don’t need to be interrupted if necessary.

Reinvent the team

No two teams are the same, even within the same organisation, so Microsoft has your back there too. Each Team can be fully customised – right down to tabs for frequently used documents and cloud services. So whatever is essential to that team is always right at their fingertips. Emojis, stickers, GIFs, and even custom memes give every team to opportunity to express themselves in the best way for them too.

Safe as always

The connector model is the same as used for Microsoft Exchange.  You can set up your updates and notifications from Twitter and Github to be instant. As always with Microsoft, security is at the front of their minds. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest and all areas live up to their high standards of security and compliance capabilities. Make sure that everyone is in the know and help advance your team today by speaking to the Hixon Group.