Jargon? Lingo? Whatever you want to call it, sometimes this can be the barrier to taking yourself to the next level with your technology.

So we’ve put together a cheat sheet of terms to help you not only feel more confident with what you’re talking about, but to make sure that you have all your bases covered.

Back up

How would you get back your important documents, client lists and best ideas if they just vanished from your computer tomorrow? Not just from a virus or accidental deletion, but fire or theft as well. Back up means ensuring they are stored in other locations and easy to access if the worst should happen.


The elusive cloud is meant to protect your documents and make more of your time, but what actually is it? It’s essentially everything you hold dear – your important documents, apps, files, photos and anything else you use to keep your business ticking – stored remotely online. This means that it can be accessed from anywhere when you need it, keeping it safe from any damage that may occur to your physical laptop or computer.

Cloud Migration

This can feel like the daunting process of moving all of your precision files from your computer to the cloud, or even from one cloud to another.


Even if you’re a one-person organisation, making your collaborations easy from the start will not only help your customers, but will be there for you when it’s time to grow. For Microsoft, collaboration means making file sharing (and editing), planning meetings or just talking over ideas with people inside and outside of your business as easy as possible.


Microsoft Intune is based in the cloud. This service can help you to simplify your security, manage the devices for all employees and protect all your data at the same time. Piece of mind and productivity all around.

Productivity Tools

The best part of utilising technology is its ability to make you more productive, saving time and money for the important business stuff. Software now comes built in with tools to make your life easier, no longer just calendars but help organising that full email inbox and new ways to create and share documents easily. They are created purely to make your life easier.

Rights Management

Something you may not even think about until you need it, but it’s already there for you with Microsoft. This means controlling or restricting access to chosen documents from certain users until they are ready to be shared. This also sets the controls across all devices.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

This is the level of service we will provide to you. If we say we can respond to your problem within a certain time, then we promise that we will. That is part of our contract with you and part of our high level of customer service. We deliver on our promises.


Microsoft software and cloud services can be billed monthly, including per user or per machine, so you always know what you’re paying for and if you’re making the most out of it. You’re also automatically updated across all devices to make sure you always have the latest version.

Less daunted about your IT needs and ready to speak to someone to get the ball rolling? Hixon Group are still there to talk you through every stage of the process, get you up and running and on the road to a more productive and protected technology solution.