Imagine Your Office Without Walls, Filing Cabinets and Servers.

Microsoft released the first version of Office in 1990. It included Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. So much has changed since then that the Office suite now contains over a dozen applications. Businesses have become connected, agile, and driven by technology.

Today, work happens anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Throughout the years, Microsoft has remained at the forefront of these changes. Office 365 gives small and medium-sized businesses an excellent chance to create, communicate, and collaborate easier than ever before.

Work Across Devices and Locations

With Office 365, work happens across a variety of devices in a consistent and familiar manner. That includes smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Each Office 365 user can safely and conveniently store and share files in the cloud thanks to OneDrive. User settings synchronize across devices to save time when moving from a PC to a mobile phone.

Improved Teamwork

Small and medium-sized businesses understand the value of teamwork. When time is limited, everyone must work together to meet deadlines and customers’ expectations. Office 365 offers flexible, accessible, and reliable cloud solutions for storage, OneDrive, and SharePoint. It is possible to store, synchronize, and, share work files from any device or platform. Multiple people can work on the same file, without the need to reconcile multiple files.

Efficient Team Communication

Apart from Outlook, Office 365 features a host of other communication tools:

  • Skype for Business connects users via instant text messages, voice and video calls, multi-seat meetings, or its desktop-sharing feature.
  • Yammer is a social networking service intended to fill the gaps between big meetings. Business can use it to create groups for projects and integrate it with Outlook and Office.
  • Microsoft Teams is the newest teamwork tool in Office 365. It combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. As such, team members to get work done even when not in the same room.

Up to Date and Available

Office 365 makes costly and time-consuming updates a thing of the past. Access to the best suite of office applications in the world is available for a single recurring price. And with multiple subscription models to choose from, every business can get the right tools at the right price. Office 365 is always available to all employees who can benefit from the wealth of applications and tools it offers.

Reduced Risk with Cloud Computing

Office 365 shifts the hosting burden on Microsoft. It reduces the risks with maintaining an in-house information technology infrastructure. Updates are seamless and automatic. No VPN is required to remotely access and work on business documents. Thanks to Microsoft’s strong commitment to security, small and medium-sized businesses that choose Office 365 can benefit from the best data security.

As a Microsoft partner, we at Hixon Group help small businesses implement cutting-edge business IT solutions such as Office 365 to boost growth by reducing costs and improving work rate. If you would like to know more about our services or Office 365, please contact us.