Why Choose Microsoft SharePoint For Your Small Business?

Seamless collaboration and empowerment: That is Microsoft’s aim for all users of their SharePoint system.

Microsft SharePoint On Mobile and Desktop PC

Microsoft SharePoint Document Storage Running on Desktop, Laptop and Mobile.

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service, creating an online server that can be accessed from almost anywhere. It can even be used offline using the sync tool.

It’s never been easier to create an intranet that will fit in your pocket, always there to keep your business connected.

With Microsoft SharePoint it’s now easier and cheaper to share and collaborate on documents with colleagues, partners and customers.

Consider it the foundation for your data protection and a portal into the information that keeps your business running for all the people who need it.


Happy Productivity

With content and document management as well as management of workflow and even web content, SharePoint saves time flipping between applications or sending documents around the office via email. All whilst protecting everything within your personal cloud.

It works seamlessly through an online interface, making your essential projects and documents available to all sides of your business in just a few clicks.

Availability through the new iOS app also makes working whilst away from your computer simple, with an android app in development too.


Happy IT department

With more safety features added for 2016, your IT department will love the extra cloud security and compliance requirements. Most people couldn’t continue if their computers failed so why take the chance?

Even if you’re a small business, save yourself some money and let Hixon Group handle the set-up and running for you.

While best on Internet Explorer, it is also great on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

This makes the 1TB baseline storage easily accessible within your business with 500MB for each additional user.

It also works with OneDrive and Flow as well as the rest of the Microsoft Office 365 suite.


Happy customers

The access and sharing capabilities for all your documents and valuable ideas are endless. SharePoint makes it easy and secure to send documents directly to customers to keep your business flowing.

It’s also available in 21 languages so there is no one your business can’t reach.