IT security is important to any Small Business and should be carefully planned and regularly reviewed. We’ve put together a list of 10 top Small Business IT Security tips to consider, these are universal strategies that should apply to any company that uses and depends on Information Technology.

  • Ensure all laptops and portable devices are encrypted, don’t make it easy for thieves to access and steal important business data.
  • Protect your business from external intrusions using a hardware or software firewall, this will help secure your IT infrastructure.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of policies and IT related procedures, this is just as important as security software.
  • Regular Backups are critical, and should be run daily, it might seem costly to set up but it saves large bills and downtime during a disaster.
  • Plan your IT security & disaster procedure , don’t just react, its important that you also make sure this is implemented within your business.
  • Strengthen physical security, your computers are more likely to be physically stolen than get hacked.
  • Get good advice, find a trustworthy and accredited IT Consultant to help you set up and secure your IT System.
  • Control user access, think more about do you need access than just granting access, data theft is more common than outsiders hacking into your business network.
  • Get Protection, ensure that all devices including mobile phones and tablets that access your network are audited, monitored and secure with an anti-spyware & antivirus solution installed.
  • Keep up to date, monitor all devices and computers to ensure they all have the latest security updates and patches for every piece of software installed not just your operating system.

For more information regarding these tips, or to find out how your business can start taking steps to improve its IT security, contact Hixon Group to discuss your requirements.