Search engines consider URL’s with and without “www” as two different websites, so you can write fantastic content with little effect as the search engines will class it automatically as duplicate content.

This can be easily resolved by using a 301 redirect to redirect traffic to your preferred domain.


Type into the address bar above. See how it auto redirects to the version of the domain automatically.

How to redirect a URL using your web hosting cPanel:

Login to your web hosting cPanel and click the Redirects icon.

Leave the setting as 301 redirect, as this is preferred by search engines.

Select the appropriate domain name from the drop-down options. (eg.

Enter the full URL for the redirect target; include http:// or https:// (e.g.

Leave the other settings as they are, unless you know why you want to change them.

Click the Add button and you are done.

Congratulations, when someone types the exact name you specified,( they will be redirected to the target site you specified.(

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