Growing or sustaining a business is hard work with so many things to think about, from employees to keeping your technology up-to-date, secure and productive.

However, there are solutions waiting to take the headache out of all of that for you – without needing a whole IT department to help. Microsoft Cloud Solutions are there to help save you time and money.

How would your business survive if you suddenly lost all of your data? Not only would the lose take man-hours to recover, but many valuable ideas could disappear in the blink of an eye. The cloud can help with that too, saving you a whole lot of headache should the worst happen. 

Scalability: Whatever size your business is, it’s no problem for the cloud. Suitable for big businesses or one-person operations, you can concentrate on growing, knowing that your important ideas are safely backed-up. It also means you can ‘pay-as-you-go’ for what you need and only expand when you need to.

Within Your Budget:  With the size easily coordinating with your needs, the cloud can fit within your budget whilst making sure you have enough space to cover everything you can throw at it. The predictable subscription fees means that you can factor the cost into your budget well ahead of time, leaving no unwelcome surprises.

Less is More: Small upfront costs, no physical server taking up office space and it will even update seamlessly for all employees from two to two hundred, so that everybody is up to date and on the same (virtual) page.

The office is where you are:  Not only will the cloud give your whole team access to shared documents and ideas, but you can also connect through video conferencing and virtual meetings from almost anywhere in the world. Now that doesn’t just mean colleagues either – you have the option to bring suppliers and customers into the mix too. Still Unsure? These questions may be able to help:

  1. Do you ever experience system outages? Are your productivity tools trustworthy enough to keep you up and running when you need to be? 
  2. Could you support your employees better, without compromising security, whilst they are using their own devices? 
  3. Do you have a wide spread team who could benefit from sharing ideas and documents as if they were in the same room 
  4. Are technical updates, installations and adding new users taking up time during your workday? 
  5. Would automatic cloud backup give you piece of mind about your important information in the event of a loss or theft?

Hixon Group can help you prioritise to seamlessly bring technology into your business to help it run smoother, saving you time, money and worry. Talk to a specialist today, call us on 01782 365124. **Updated 17-04-2017**