There aren’t many businesses that can get by without some form of social media engagement these days, but there’s a little more to it than just registering an account with Facebook and Twitter, and getting whoever’s least busy that week to throw out a couple of tweets. Used intelligently, these sites and others can retain your customer base, as well as growing it through what is effectively digital word of mouth.

Strategy of Successful Firms

The most successful firms have a definite social media strategy. It’s important to realise that most people who use these sites are very aware of attempts to spam them, and nobody wants to follow a Twitter feed that’s simply a string of repeated announcements about how marvelous your company is!

This is how to lose followers – potential customers – quickly, and once lost, it’s unlikely they’ll be back. One of the biggest growth areas in online business is the casino sector. Casino firms like Gaming Club tend to use YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter in a way that suggests they’ve actually thought about what their customers want to know. How do they do it?


Firstly, planning is everything. Even assuming you’re already using a private Twitter account, you’ll probably have been tweeting fairly randomly. For an effective business account, you’ll need to work out what to tweet and how often to tweet it before you start.

Try and keep the promotional material down to around a third of what you’re posting. To retain people’s interest, the other two-thirds should be a mixture of posts you’ve enjoyed from elsewhere, connecting with your followers, and other material – as long as it’s interesting, relevant and appropriate!


Successful casino firms use Facebook to engage with their audiences, often through promotions, offers, competitions and the like. It’s an excellent tool for connecting with customers, and it allows those customers to create content on the page themselves. It’s OK to allow legitimate criticism, as long as you’re seen to be responding to it.

Twitter has been used to great effect by some of the gaming companies, as it offers a personal connection between the customer and the firm. Some of the best accounts rely a lot on retweeting the best of their customers posts, including hints and tips as well as funny tweets; but again, not ignoring criticism. That’s always a good way to lose trust – and followers.


Finally, remember that when you start your social media programme you’ll need to allow time to build followers. Many accounts reach a tipping point, often after a post goes viral; suddenly you’ll have hundreds of new followers. At this point you’ll want to know why! Social media analytic tools (like Sproutsocial) can help, so make sure you’re aware of the options at the planning stage.

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