IT Security

Don't leave cyber security to chance, it could cost your business than you think.

We provide the knowledge and solutions you need to protect business data, improve compliance, secure mobile devices and reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack.

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Protecting your end-users, systems and business data from the risk of cyber threats.

It is essential for any modern day business to have a good security system that’s well maintained to protect and keep it one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Cyber crime is a bigger threat than ever before, the scary bit is that some business owners still believe that cyber crime will never happen to them but statistics now show that 1 in 3 UK small businesses have already fallen victim to at least one form of cyber attack.

  • 47% of small businesses reported a cyber incident last year.
  • 55% of UK firms suffered at least one cyber attack in the past 12 months.
  • £10,000 was the average annual cost to small business of cyber attacks
  • 67% of policy claims handled by Hiscox were caused by employees mistakes.

Source: Hiscox Insurance.

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It’s no longer a case of if you will be a target, but more a case of how and when a cyber attack attempt occur.

Our team of specialists can help you to identify and manage your cyber security risks, understand your weak points and the right steps to take to prevent a successful cyber attack.

Endpoint Protection

 Endpoiint Protection for Laptops, Desktops, Servers and Smartphones.

Centrally Managed protection solution for laptops,  tablets, smartphones, computers and servers.

Proactive Monitoring

Systems manager allows us to easily remotely manage, secure and monitor all of your company’s devices.

Patch Management

Systems Patch Management Tools

Reducing the risk and complexity of vulnerabilities in operating systems and third party applications.

Security Appliances

 Cisco Meraki Partner - Firewall Appliances

As a certified Cisco partner we can deploy and monitor a wide range of network security appliances.