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It is essential for any modern day business to have a good security system that’s well maintained to protect and keep it one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Our team of specialists can help you to identify and manage your cyber security risks, understand your weak points and the right steps to take to prevent a successful cyber attack.

The threat of cyber crime is a bigger than ever before, some business owners still believe that cyber crime will never happen to them. Limited usage, use in places where text is mandatory and space is tight. For example, it is used for any disclaimer text that may appear.


Our information security experts take a holistic approach to information security and protection.

Our experienced specialists can help you evaluate your risk, advise you on best practice and perform the corrective changes to your network, systems and processes to address areas of vulnerability.

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Risk Assessment

We perform a thorough assessment of how you currently protect your most valuable asset (sensitive data) from the risks that come from both internal and external factors.

Risk Reduction

Our team of specialists will help you to understand the results of the assessment and advise you on the options available to reduce and manage the risks identified.

Raise Awareness

We provide awareness training and workshops designed to help your team understand the potential risks and the simple steps they can take to mitigate them.


Ensure Compliance

We offer an endpoint detection and response solution to provide detailed visibility of your network activity to ensure compliance whilst reducing the attack surface.


The current cyber threat to UK business is significant and growing at an alarming rate.

A recent survey conducted by the UK Government shows that 1 in 3, UK small businesses have already fallen victim to at least one form of cyber attack in the last 12 months.

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of businesses suffered at least one cyber attack in the past 12 months.



 of the Recorded attacks or breaches came from phishing emails.


of cyber policy claims handled by Hiscox were caused by employee mistakes.



of businesses have an incident management and response plan.


“ Whatever challenges your business is facing, you can trust us to deliver. ”

  • Proactive Monitoring

Remote management and security monitoring of your business devices.

  • Patch Management

 Central deployment of patches for operating systems and applications.

  • Endpoint Protection

Managed protection solution for laptops, tablets , computers and servers.

  • Security Appliances

Deployment and monitoring of a wide range of network security appliances.

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