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Get complete piece of mind by protecting your business critical data with our UK cloud backup service.

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Offering a range of cloud services from world-class vendors, such as Microsoft, Amazon Cloud & Acronis.

In today’s digital age, the importance of data protection and secure cloud backups cannot be overstated. Your valuable business data is vulnerable to various risks such as hardware failures, accidental deletions and cyber threats.

We understand the value of your data and the critical role it plays in your business success. Our UK hosted services offer a robust, secure, and scalable solution to protect your data and provide you with peace of mind.

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Managed Backup

Managed cloud backup: protect your data, secure your future.

Don’t leave your critical data vulnerable to loss or damage. Our cutting-edge cloud backup solution is designed to effortlessly protect your critical files, documents, and digital assets.

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Key Features

Secure and reliable data protection through advanced backup solutions.

Embrace automated backups, scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency that come with cloud-based solutions.

Managed Cloud Backup

Keep your business data safe with our UK cloud backup services.

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Microsoft 365

SkyKick Backup
SkyKick is the market leading Microsoft 365 cloud backup solution offering easy restoration support for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 groups, OneDrive, mailboxes, contacts and calendars.
RNo File Overwrites
RUltra Secure
RExact Location Data Recovery
RAids Data Compliance
Most Popular

Desktop Backup

Endpoint Backup
The easiest, most efficient, and most secure backup solution. In order to keep every piece of data safe against sophisticated cyberattacks and complex IT infrastructures, an effective backup solution is needed.
RCustomisable retention
REvent-based or scheduled backups
REfficient backups
RGranular recovery

Server Backup

Acronis Backup
The easiest, most efficient, and most secure backup solution. In order to keep every piece of data safe against sophisticated cyberattacks and complex IT infrastructures, an effective backup solution is needed.
R20+ platforms protected
RQuick, reliable recovery
RSecure ransomware protection
RFile and disk-image backup
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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about cloud backup.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup securely stores and protects your data by sending it to a remote server hosted in the cloud. It involves selecting the files or systems you want to back up, transferring them over the internet to the cloud provider’s servers, and storing them securely. Also, this process ensures the safety of your data from local disasters, theft, or hardware failures.

Moreover, if data loss occurs, restoring your files is easy because you benefit from data accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, scalability to meet your storage needs, automated seamless backups, and robust data security measures. By utilising these services, businesses can safeguard critical data and establish a reliable disaster recovery solution.

Can I backup all types of data to the cloud?

Yes, you can backup a wide range of data types to the cloud. Backup solutions are designed to accommodate various data formats, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, videos, databases, applications, and more. Whether it’s your business files, customer information, financial records, or multimedia content, you can typically back up most types of data to the cloud.

It’s important to note that while the cloud can accommodate most data types, certain specialised applications or file formats may have specific considerations or compatibility with the service. Additionally, to ensure proper backup and compatibility for any unique or specialised data in your environment, it is advisable to consult with your IT support provider or the cloud backup service provider.

How long does it take to restore data from cloud backup?

The time required to restore data depends on various factors, such as the amount of data being restored, the speed of your internet connection, the performance of the service, and the availability of specific restore methods.

For smaller data sets or individual files, the restoration process can be relatively quick, usually a matter of minutes to a few hours. However, larger data sets or complete system restores may take longer, ranging from several hours to potentially several days, depending on the size and complexity of the data.

Is cloud backup secure? How is my data protected?

Designed with robust security measures, cloud backup ensures the protection of your data. Additionally, by partnering with a reliable provider, you can benefit from their expertise in data security and focus on the core aspects of your business while having peace of mind knowing that your data is protected with industry-standard security measures.

Is there a retention period for stored data in the cloud?

Yes, providers typically have a retention period for stored data. The retention period signifies how long your backed-up data remains retained and accessible for restoration purposes.

It’s crucial to align the retention period with your business needs, compliance requirements, and data management policies. Consider factors such as regulatory obligations, data governance, and any industry-specific retention guidelines when determining the appropriate retention period for your stored data in the cloud.

How does cloud backup differ from traditional backup?

In contrast to traditional backup, where businesses usually store data on physical storage devices located on-premises, such as tapes or external hard drives, cloud backup involves storing data in remote servers hosted by a third-party provider.

Overall, it offers greater accessibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, automation, and data protection compared to traditional backup methods. It provides businesses with secure and flexible backup solutions that align with modern technology trends and the evolving needs of remote work environments.